Hero Splendor – Top 5 reasons to buy in India.



The first thing that strikes your mind upon the mention of Splendor is its mileage capacity. The robust bike is a perfect choice for the Indian roads since the 1990s. Hero is an acknowledged pioneer of bike manufacturing for the Indian public and splendor is its stellar product. From revolutionary mileage to the low maintenance cost and easy repairs, we are covering every aspect to compile compelling reasons to buy the bike in India. With variations in models like hero splendor pro, hero splendor ismart and hero splendor plus i3s, it is one of the most versatile bikes available in the market.

Phenomenal Mileage:

With the growing petrol price and consumption, Splendor still retains its status as an economical bike. From the average mileage of 65KMPL, Splendor has the option to provide the milage of up to 90kmpl with the all new hero splendor ismart 110. It is a preferred choice for any middle or lower class family in Indian society. Youth also finds its mileage as the primary appeal.

Low maintenance cost:

The bike has the lowest maintenance cost of around Rs.400 to 500 for a single service. It does not require frequent maintenance, only once every six months. Which brings the service and maintenance cost to around 1,000 rupees per year. Additionally, it is a bike every engineer is well-versed in maintaining. The parts are cheap and conveniently available in the market all around India.

Heavy duty performance:

Apart from its exceptional mileage and low maintenance cost, the bike delivers a substantial performance. As a standard commercial bike, it can pack the speed of up to 70kmph without affecting the quality of the engine. It supports a weight load of up to 250kgs. With an air-cooled engine that contains a 4-stroke single-cylinder, it has a 4-gear system for speed and performance. Hero honda splendor plus is known to produce 5000RPM with 7.5PS of power.

Convenient Models:

Over the decades, the company has launched several modified versions of the bike. It comes with various choices like APDV engine, 125 cc power and 90kmpl mileage. The company has covered an extra mile by investing in the colour themes of the bikes, alloy wheels and convenient features like automatic engine start. Splendor pro has shown some remarkable upgrades over the years, and it can be considered as a prodigal son of the splendor models bike. The weight of the bike has also been reduced drastically, which ranges from 109kgs to 121kgs. Mileage of 75 to 96kmph and power of 7.7 to 9.2 base horsepower in the engine models of 97 to 125cc.

Affordable price range:

The bike falls around the category of below Rs.60,000 overall with the instigation of all the features and best models. Hero splendor pro with black alloys has an average on-road price of almost 52,000. The cheapest model is available for 48,000. It also offers a high resale value compared to other bikes and their models, and there are several compelling offers available with the bike, like five years of warranty which the company offers. Overall, the bike still maintains one of the highest sales units in India and every household should have at least one Splendor bike model in their garage. It is a reliable vehicle with phenomenal longevity.