A Guide on the Functioning of the Brake System – What are the Best Braking Kits in the Market? 

Brakes are the most important safety parts of a vehicle. The pedals that you press are just the tip of the iceberg. The entire system is much more complicated. We have simplified it in the pointers below for better understanding. 

  1. The rotors on the wheels have brake calipers located on the front. 
  2. Brake pads and pistons are present inside the brake caliper. 
  3. The rotor discs are connected with a tube that contains brake fluid. 
  4. The other end of this tube is connected to the brake pedals. 

When you press the brake pedals, it pushes the brake fluid. The brake fluid that’s directly connected to the rotor discs exerts pressure on the brake calipers. The calipers that are clamped on the front of the rotor create strong resistance against the motion of the wheels. The pressure on the calipers pushes the braking pistons and braking pads that finally force the vehicle to completely stop. 

The process is lengthy, but, if it takes so much time to work, accidents will be unavoidable. Hence, new technology brake parts are designed for quicker functioning. In this guide, we have made a mention of 2 latest technology braking kits by DBC that are absolutely worth a try. Have a look! 

The Black XD Brake Kit

This braking kit at CrossDrilledRotors.ca is an excellent option for high-muscle vehicles. The rotors in this kit are designed with Carbon-fiber ceramic formula. This high-carbon metallurgy is used in order to make the rotors resistant to rust. The shims that are made of Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake offer proper heat dissipation so that the wheels don’t heat up dangerously when they are forced to stop by creating friction against the road surface. Some other interesting features that make this brake kit a safe choice are as follows.

  1. The brake pads are made speed-sensitive and are measured for friction behavior so that they offer a judder-free movement. 
  2. The brake caliper and pistons inside the caliper are electroplated so that they can be made corrosion-resistant. 
  3. The brake fluid is of premium quality to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle. 


  1. The G3000 Brake Kit

It’s the latest product by DBC with many wonderful additions. The rotors, for instance, have a double disc design to offer stronger performance. The disc thickness is designed thoroughly for an easier fit. It also offers noise dampening too. Some other features are as follows. 

  1. The brake pads are semi-metallic. It does not just offer resistance against corrosion but also increases the life of the rotor. 
  2. The heat dissipation is better that ensures a longer wheel life.