How to maintain your two-wheeler in pandemic lockdown:

In today’s all knows the lockdown is hard and it can be hard for your bike too. Since you are not able to use your vehicle as you regularly would on account of the lockdown it can be simple and easy to forget about its maintenance. It is very important to maintain your bike to make sure that it still runs smoothly when you can finally use it. Right maintenance can go a long way and regular checks with a two-wheeler mechanic will make all the difference in your ride. Here are some lists about how to maintain your two-wheeler and its importance.

Regular changing engine oil:

A smooth ride depends on the engine oil. Checking your oil on a regular routine is extremely important because the oil not only lubricates but also keeps the engine cool as the heat during the combustion process can lead to wear and tear of engine parts. The dirty oil reduces the capacity of engine life and fuel consumption. It will cause internal corrosion. Hero splendour plus colours are the best to maintain and also uses a 900ml capacity of engine oil.

Clean the bike:

Letting the bike stand idle for many days or months at a time can lead to the bike collecting dust and cover over the period. This will affect the functioning of the bike later. To avoid this, to give your bike care during this lockdown HF deluxe cover will be helpful to cover your bike with more safety and it is useful to safeguard your bike in all weather conditions and protects from dust, UV ray protection. It is very light and easily handled. Make sure to clean regularly and check the chain to run smoothly once the lockdown lifts.

Battery check:

As your two-wheeler has not been used in a while there is a good chance the battery would deplete over time. To avoid all these you can disconnect the battery until it will be used again which will keep it alive. It is also recommended that your engine is running smoothly. Just check your engine for a few minutes every day or week to make sure that it functions effectively after the pandemic period.

Maintain air pressure in tyres:

Checking the tyre condition keeps the tyres at the correct pressure level as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. When bikes run on low pressure they give you a low fuel economy. You can get it checked at any fuel or gas station or do it yourself with a reliable gauge on a weekly basis. Finally do not forget to replace your tyres as suggested manual or by centre service.

Keep bike air filters clean:

There is no dust on roads and that is why the air filters of your bike get clogged with dust. It is necessary to keep the filters clean at times if you want the best efficiency and get them changed at recommended intervals.

Bottom line:

Finally when you have been giving more importance to your health and safety then it is time to consider your bike’s safety and health too. These are the above-explained details about how to maintain your two-wheeler in pandemic lockdown.