Making Your Car More Environmentally Friendly 

With the consequences of global warming looming over, more people are wondering how they can reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment. Amongst recycling old clothes, conserving energy by switching off electrics, and turning down the heating. Our attention has turned to the luxury and for some the necessity that sits on the driveway/or cooped away in the garage – your car(s). For environmentally-friendly tips to reduce your vehicle’s energy consumption follow the advice below.

Plan Your Journey

Before hopping into your car for your next journey, consider the alternative of walking or cycling instead. This doesn’t mean you need to write off using your car entirely, it just means being mindful over whether it’s necessary to drive to the shop five minutes from your house. Fewer car journeys will reduce your cars carbon footprint.

Car Maintenance

An essential part of making your car more environmentally friendly is to take care of it with regular servicing and maintenance. Your manufacturer’s guide shall advise how often it’s recommended that you service your car. This is usually once a year or every 12,000 miles on average. Servicing and maintenance needn’t be costly either. Businesses such as connect approved car part sellers with buyers who need, for example, car filters, car exhausts, and so forth. The benefit of breakers yards is that the car parts are much cheaper than purchasing brand new parts. Overall taking care of your vehicle ensures the car is fuel-efficient.

Tyre Pressure

Routinely checking and inflating your tyres shall prevent excessive fuel consumption which is harmful to the environment. Deflated tyres mean your car needs to use more fuel to power and move the car. You can find the car manufacturers recommended tyre pressure in the inside of the driver’s car door and you can top your tyres up at most petrol stations.

Ice Scraper

Anti-freeze, although convenient in winter, is a chemical that is harmful to the environment, particularly when it leaks onto the ground. Equally, leaving your car switched on in winter to de-ice will burn unnecessary fuel that disperses into the atmosphere. Instead, this winter, opt to use a scraper to rid your windscreens of ice and snow, and in turn, you’ll be preventing the environment from being exposed to excessive harmful chemicals and pollution.

Consistent Speed

If you have cruise control, use it. It’s an ideal way to maintain a steady speed without your foot tampering with the accelerator, thus it improves fuel efficiency and prevents adding more pollution into the atmosphere than necessary.

Lighten the Load

Excessive weight in your car means more pollution is pumped into the environment as your vehicle works harder to move the heavy load. And so, if you have items sitting in the boot or on the back seats, remove them from your car and store them in your home.

Most of the ideas above for making your car more environmentally friendly can be actioned either before or during your next trip. Get garage door service.