People who are into riding motorcycles anticipate situations that may lead to their bikes hitting the road. A circumstance like this is often a result of riders losing control while maneuvering, too much speed, or even simply being stationary. Aside from driving with caution, riders install a b&b bash plate to protect their bikes and crash bars to protect themselves from potential accidents.

Crash bars are safety equipment specially made for motorcycles in the form of tubing. This piece of protruded metal shields the bike’s frame or engine. These crash bars are easy to install, just like a motorcycle seat cushion by the owners. However, if one is not confident in doing the task, they can always seek the help of installers from their local workshop or dealer.

Why Should You Purchase a Crash Bar for Your Bike?

Different crash bars are made for other models to accommodate and distribute safety to all. But more than safety, it has other advantages, too.

Protect Fuel Tank

When a motorcycle falls without protection, a fuel tank may have a puncture. With crash bars installed, fuel tanks are 100% unscathed in such an event.

Damage Reduction

The first parts of a motorcycle that hit the ground during a fall are handlebars, crash bars, and foot pegs. These three can reduce extensive damage to a bike’s vital parts.

Rider Protection

Crash bars lower the risk of severe injuries to riders. Though it may not offer complete protection, a reduction of injuries is way better. Crash bars also make it easier to pick them up after a fall and prove helpful in case of accidents.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Bike repairs after an accident can be costly. However, installing crash bars on a motorcycle also reduces repair costs. This also proves how worthy of an investment crash bars can be to their owners.


One can never go wrong in investing for protection, and ensuring that you also have the best motorcycle accessories and safety purchases are relatively significant. With that, you’ll enjoy long rides with lessened worry about your safety. Check out this infographic by MotorradGarage and get more insight about crash.

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