The Lineup of 2022 Genesis GV80 in a Nutshell

The first SUV model that was launched by Genesis, the brand that branched out from Hyundai to focus on making luxury vehicles, was the GV80. The launch year of this first luxury crossover SUV model from Genesis was 2019. Offered in the sizes of both two and three rows, the GV80 luxury sport SUV series has now stepped into its 2022 model year edition proving the fact that the market of such vehicles is rising in popularity, and more number of people are now finding it affordable to buy one. But if that makes you think, that the economic status of the society has improved, it will need lots of research to prove it, but if we compare the price range of 2022 Genesis GV80 models with its rivals, we can easily fathom, how the sales record of this luxury SUV from Genesis is always showing a steep inclining line.

Creating the Luxury Ambience

The first thing one will automatically start visualizing regarding any luxury vehicle, is its interior environment. This is also the zone, where every automaker gets immense scope to showcase their sense of creativity as well as the height of conceptualization.

So, in this respect, if we take a closer look at the interior cabins of the 2022 Genesis GV80 models we see this ability in plenty, that automatically makes you appreciate the aesthetic sense of the automaker, leaving alone the engineering skills that will anyway grab the user’s attention when the vehicle will be on the move.

Wrapped in a soft quilted leather upholstery, the seats of the 2022 Genesis GV80 models will be the first thing you will notice in the cabin. They are structured with the right kind of stability and comfort that would leave no scope for travel fatigue to set in.

The overall ambience of the 2022 Genesis GV8o interiors get jovial but stay sophisticated because of the contrasting colors that are bordered by a piping of a lighter color shade. For the hard surfaces, Genesis made good use of real wood trim that is embossed with a jewel-like rotary dial that makes the 2022 Genesis GV80 models stand out in its own class, highlighting its orientation towards in-car luxuries.

For infotainment, all the 2022 Genesis GV80 models a sleeker come fitted with a 14.5-inch touchscreen display that works in tune with an advanced software that is integrated with smartphone applications through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Embedding Luxury in its Performance

To conform to the basic norms of the luxury SUV segment, the 2022 Genesis GV80 models make sure even the base trims of this series is equipped with a high-end performance machinery. For this, Genesis has standardized a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine across the entire lineup of this series that generates 300 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque.

But to gratify the senses of the spirited motorist, Genesis also keeps a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine available in the lineup that can throw 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. However, both the engines of the 2022 Genesis GV80 series are given an eight-speed automatic transmission to transfer the engine power wither to the rear wheels or to all four of them.