As a motorbike rider, it is only natural that you invest in and pay attention to your riding apparel. After all, it’s not just about riding a motorbike, it is also about aesthetics and traveling in style. And the riding outfit of a motorbike rider is not complete without owning a high-quality leather motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle jackets while add to the style of the rider also provide safety and comfortability features. It is crucial to not consider fashion over safety, as it is becoming more common among bike riders to choose a much trendy and fashionable jacket or a bodysuit that lacks the element of safety. Spending in fashion appeal while overlooking safety features can expose you to high injury risks in case of an accident. Therefore it is imperative to choose a motorbike jacket that is not only rich in style but also has all the safety qualities that can save your life.

There are too many options to choose from as many types of motorcycle riding jackets are now available but to choose a perfect jacket that suites according to your style, size, and budget is the tricky part. To help you in deciding what type of a jacket you should buy here are top 5 things to consider before purchasing a motorbike jacket.

1. Check the size

It is pointless to buy a motorcycle jacket that does not fit you perfectly. Any oversize or undersized jacket will only make you appear less appealing and stylish. While undersized jacket will not cover your body properly and will expose you to the risks of getting injured in case of a fall. Therefore always find the jacket that fits you perfectly and covers your chest and arms properly.

2. Check the martial and quality

There are many different types of material now days being used in the production of motorcycle jackets like faux leather, animal leather, plastic, nylon etc. The key is to analyze whether the used material is rugged enough to tackle any type of weather situations like rain, wind, cold and hot weather. The jacket must be resilient under any weather situation so you can feel comfortable wearing it. Build quality and material for maximum comfort is a must for female riders who may feel uncomfortable in rigidly built heavy jackets. An excellent choice for female riders can be a lightweight multi-functional women’s leather motorcycle jackets.

3- Check for safety features

When I say safety, I am no referring towards the safety of the jacket in terms of quality and durability. I am talking about your personal safety as a motorbike rider. You are badly mistaken if you think jackets do not contribute towards rider’s safety and wellbeing. On the contrary, jackets are the second most important safety item next to the helmet. A jacket that is built with the rider’s safety in mind will have rich collision-resistant and armor features that can absorb the impact of the fall in case of an accident. Therefore before buying a motorbike jacket ensure it has built-in armor and can protect yourself in case of a crash.

4- Check for visibility

Motorcycle jackets can have many features that regular casual jackets do not have. And visibility is one of the most important and distinctive features that a high-quality motorbike jacket has.  There are special reflective surfaces and linings built in motorcycle jackets to increase the rider’s visibility in the dark areas and at night times to avoid chances of collisions. Choose a jacket that has proper reflective surfaces that in dark areas can let the other riders know that you are there.

5- Pockets

Let’s not forget about one of the most important and stylish attributes of a jacket and that is of pockets. A motorcycle jacket can be full of pockets that apart from looking stylish also gives the ability to keep essential items to riders. Find a jacket that has enough pockets to carry your phone, wallet, sunglasses, gloves, and any other accessories you may like to carry.

Owning a high-quality jacket can increase your style and looks while you ride your motorbike but more importantly it can protect you from injuries. Finding a pair of a perfect jacket that suits your needs and falls according to your budget can be a little time consuming but finding the perfect jacket will be totally worth it.