A small review on the Hero two-wheelers and their smart features

As an Indian MotoCorp company Hero has always had its place in the market for decades. Hero is an Indian motor company is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the whole world. They export two-wheelers to many Asian countries and have a wider reputation and market abroad too. They export for over 40 countries setting a benchmark. Every year they come up with new model two-wheelers and launch them into the market which creates a craze over the public.

Since their early days till date, all the motorcycles that have been produced and launched has always been on high sales. There are even models from their long run that still hits the roads with their upgraded values. Their bikes have always been an affordable one that suits into the budget of a middle-class people.

Best two-wheelers:

One of the most well-known models of Hero was the splendor series since their first launch in 1994, they have been ruling the motorcycle sector since then till now for over 2 decades. Year after year they started to bring more models with many upgraded versions of it such as splendor +, splendor pro with many changes in many features with self-start. They launched their scooter in 2006 and there have been many after that.

Let’s get a quick review of their most well-known models.


We all know that splendor has always been the most popular since its launch to date with many upgrades. Even today it has one of the highest sales on motorcycles often and now a splendor plus self-start price ranges around 64,000. It has both a self-stat and kick start mechanism with a 100cc engine. It is a standard bike with four color options in double tone with quality metal and fiber panel. Its wheels are more suited for tough roads and grip on brakes is very good. It is comfortable for a beginner and its seat adjustment makes it easier even for a short person to handle. They are best known for high suspension and well known to be family bikes as from elders to kids everyone is comfortable to ride it. At the Economic range, it gives around 85km mileage which is more suited for regular use.

Hero Destini:

It has been a year since its launch it is not too late to check on it, let’s have a look at Hero Destini 125 reviewIt has a 125 cc engine with i3s technology and it was the first scooter to have this feature. It has a charging port for mobile has an external fuel filling feature. It has a stylish metal body with six attractive color options such as matt grey silver, noble red, panther black, and the rest. They have tubeless tires with a full grip, a signature tail lamp, and chrome finishing the front. It has a service reminder in it and also four stroked engines with air cool technology. It has a side stand indicator which is more helpful.

There are more models such as Passion pro110, Hero Xtreme 160R, Maestro edge 125 and these are all the top ones at present with more vibrant features.