Why to Book 2021 Mazda 3 if you haven’t Already

Mazda has been manufacturing cars that offers a luxurious look along with an efficient engine. This is why many people often confuse the 2021 Mazda 3 with more costly luxurious vehicles from the likes of Audi, BMW, etc. The single reason for booking the new model from Mazda Corona dealer is due to its 2 optional engines that are introduced in this model. Apart from that, its look and performance is more than enough to convince people to buy one.

2021 Mazda 3’s engine

Since it is the most significant change in this version of Mazda 3, it is better to start with some information on it. For the 2021 variant, three different engines (four-cylinder) are provided as options. The base or standard option is a 2L four-cylinder engine that produces 155 horsepower and is available in FWD drivetrain only.

Next in the line, is the 2.5L engine that offers 186 horsepower and people can get it in AWD or FWD trim, according to their preference. However, buyers are most excited about the 2.5L turbocharged engine that generates a massive horsepower of 250. Also, people can choose to have a 6-speed manual transmission but will need to opt for front wheel drive version for it. Selecting AWD means it will be paired with automatic six-speed one.

Every Mazda 3 is quite responsive to inputs, especially turbo models that offer ample acceleration that provides a thrilling driving experience. Moreover, Mazda is known for providing an exceptional ride quality to all.

The vehicle is set to be fuel efficient and offer a mileage of 28 mpg in cities and 36 mpg on highways, which is slight better than most of its rivals in this car segment.

Interior, infotainment, connectivity and more

The cabin is designed using premium materials that gives it a much elegant look that cars in this category. Also, buyers can easily outfit their vehicle with different desirable features; however, for best of everything, it is suggested always to opt for high end trims of Mazda. From leather trimmed seats to a spacious cabin, makes riding inside one more than enough comfortable.

Infotainment system can be accessed using 8.8-inch display. Easy usage and can be controlled using a rotary knob mounted on console makes it more than user-friendly. Also, for smartphone integration, one will have to opt for models over the basic ones.

Models’ cost

Base model starts from the amount of $21,445 and goes up from there. The next trim is 2.5S that starts from $22,445, while the Select and Preferred stands at $23,645 and $25,295 respectively. Lastly, high end trims include Premium and 2.5 Turbo that are priced at $27,795 and $30,845 respectively. When in Corona Mazda dealership you can get further details about exact pricing of trims.

If you are looking for a compact vehicle, then should opt for 2021 Mazda 3. It offers from stylish looks to an elegant aspect along with high-performing engine that is ideal for cars in this segment. Thus, book yours today and enjoy sheer pleasure of driving this vehicle.