Check out reviews for Select Auto Protect to see if its purposeful

Select Auto Protect might have shown up in your internet search for elongated car protection or because a showroom was marketing one of its subscriptions. Many customers plan on getting secondhand car maintenance agreements to give them ease of mind in the eventuality of an unanticipated and severe mechanical failure. So in reviews for Select Auto Protect, we will look if it is purposeful.

What is Select Auto Protect?

A firm that offers car services called Select Auto Protect was established in 2020. It is among the few providers of protection plans that do not limit the total of claims customers may submit during the life of the agreement. Additionally, they present clients with the alternative of replacing any defective automotive parts.

Customers of Select Auto Protect also have the chance to have their cars serviced at any ASE-Certified maintenance facility. Select platinum, Select silver, and Select gold are the three principal cover possibilities they render.

How much does Select Auto Protect cost?

The price of an expanded auto protection plan is often influenced by the car you drive and the level of coverage you choose. These range from $500 to $3000. There are many coverage tiers available from Select Auto-Protect, ranging from agreements that solely cover the engine and gearbox to plans with restrictive cover.

Older automobiles often cost more to repair than new ones and are more prone to malfunctions. However, when the original manufacturer warranty still protects your car, it’s often the least expensive to get an extended warranty.

Vehicle owners may cancel their Select Auto Protect policy for a full refund within the 30-day time frame until their agreements take effect as per the company’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Extra Benefits of Select Auto Protect Cover

With a lengthened auto protection with Select Auto-Protect, customers can take advantage of extra benefits like:

  • Advantages of trip disruption
  • Services that refuel gas
  • Towing service
  • Towing security
  • Compensation for a leased vehicle

The Select Platinum or Select Gold plans also include free lockout services for those who desire them.


  • Warranty for all types of vehicles
  • Digital instance agreement that is simple to read


  • Has little or no impeccable record in the marketplace
  • Lack of comprehensive high-level services compared to other competitors

Claim procedure

  • Take your car to any repair facility that has been granted authorization by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASER) for an evaluation.
  • Provide your necessary documentation to the ASE-certified technician.
  • After deducting your deductibles, the contracting authority compensates the repair center immediately.

There is no yearly limit on the number of claims that could be made against the automobile under Select Auto-Protect. However, you must stay current with the manufacturer scheduled maintenance to ensure the longevity of your agreement. Conventional oil modification and maintenance tune-ups are typically required every 30,000 miles. To minimize disallowed coverage, since you lose the invoices for the services, you must retain them.

Select Auto Protect is attracting clients with low prices and first-rate service as it continues to establish itself as a new warranty provider in the market. The strategy is effective, as evidenced by the business’s exemplary customer evaluations. So be sure to research well before taking their services.