Things to Consider When Buying LED Light Bars

LED light strips are an essential vehicle accessory as a means of communicating messages to other vehicles and people on the road. On the roads, light plays a major role, as there is too much noise and almost nothing is heard. High intensity lights are displayed for messaging. Specially designed to transmit signals during an emergency or accident, these light strips are durable and reliable. Combined with a sound system (alarm), it increases the efficiency of the light strips in your car.

If you are thinking of installing LED strips in your car, here is a led light bar review to think about:

Beam type –

The rods are available in three types or beam shapes: spot, flooded and combined. Spot light heads are ideal for use as lighting fixtures to illuminate suspects or for focusing on a specific area or viewing from a long distance. Normal headlights range from 40º to 160º and this feature makes them effective for general warning purposes.

The floodlight strips have a 90 ° to 180 ° radiation pattern, making them best when you need more light and wider focus to illuminate a large area at night.

Combo stripes are a combination of both patterns, making them unique for both narrow and wider areas. On one plank you get both beams, and a switch on the board helps you change the beam.

Choosing the right radiation pattern depends on your preference, requirements and budget. The trim size also depends on your budget and your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Location –

In which area of ​​your car a particular LED strip should be installed is another pressing question. Positioning is important as installing in the wrong location will not result in correct lighting. The bumpers that come with the car are the ideal place to install the arches. They have gaps and spaces for additional installation. Light bars are usually ceiling-mounted for maximum visibility. For concealed use, light strips are installed inside the vehicle, next to the windshield and rear window for camouflage and functionality.

Why choose LED strips over strips with conventional or traditional bulbs?

LED is an efficient and energy efficient technology. There are many factors that have helped the innovator win the most prestigious award. LEDs are more durable and reliable, and they do not drain the battery like the previous generation. A small LED lamp can emit more light than a traditional lamp, making it cost effective.