Lesser Known Facts on Tire Rotation

The industry of automotive also includes repair and maintenance of its products. Tire rotation being one of the major parts of preventive maintenance has always been a topic of discussion among the car users, car experts and technicians. But there are some facts about tire rotation that are rarely known to the amateur car users and hence are less discussed, shared a group of mechanics who run the Pocatello tire rotation unit.

What is Involved in the Process of Tire Rotation?

It is from the same group of mechanics that we came to know how the term ‘Tire Rotation’ create confusion among the novice drivers and amateur car owners. Many think it as a process of physically rotating the tires, though the actual process involves nothing of that sort.

In reality, the term “tire rotation” refers to the act where the positions of all the four tires are changed in a said vehicle. In other words, the place for each of the tires are interchanged with each other. The front tires could be exchanged with the rear ones, and the vice versa, or the right side tires can be exchanged with the left ones.

Aims of Tire Rotation

The ultimate aim of tire rotation is to prevent the tires from uneven tread wear. When a vehicle completes several road trips, the tires are the ones that face the brunt of it. It is normal for the tire treads to get worn out, but due to the uneven distribution of weight, which is yet another inevitable situation to happen, only one tire or the tires of any one side can get more severely worn out than the others. But if a vehicle undergoes tire rotation at a particular interval, the weight distribution on the tires will get even, since the healthier tires will now get to carry more weight than the other. This way, the tread wear of all the tires will be even, which will maintain the body balance of the vehicle.

During the process of tire rotation, the mechanics will first investigate each and every tire, take a note of their tread width and signs of wear. The results lead them to the exchange of the most worn out tires with lesser worn ones. This process will keep repeated after a certain interval till the tires are exchanged with the newer ones.

Wrapping it Up

The process of tire rotation is considered as one of the major maintenance jobs. It has to be done at certain intervals, as directed by the manufacturer of the vehicle, through the owner’s manual. According to the mechanics who perform tire rotation in Pocatello , tire rotation is usually done once in every six months or when a vehicle crosses 6,000 to 8,000 miles either for the first time or between two tire rotating sessions. Here one must remember, that tire rotation cannot be done outside the premise of any auto repair center, since the measurement of tread width of a tire cannot be performed without the help of advanced machinery. Look for tire repair stockton ca service to get assistance from experts.