Four Factors To Consider Before Visiting Tyres Shop in Dubai



Tyres are very important to cars and drivers too. They are the interface between the soil and the car. Some have realized this and have tried to take care of their tyres. One of those ways people have tried to take care of their tyres is by effecting prompt replacements whenever necessary.

Visiting a tyres shop in Dubai or Sharjah can be a daunting experience. Not because of the city itself, but more because of the variety of choices of tyres available.  They come in different sizes, different tread types and designs; this is enough to get someone lost. Not just that, but also the fact that tyre technology is improving steadily and then purchasing of tyres are something we don’t do every time.  Therefore most people are not exactly able to acquire the necessary experience and skill to be able to tell which tyres to by.

Before visiting a tyres shop in Dubai to purchase tyres, there are some knowledge that you should be armed with. In this article we hope to provide that.

Tyre Size

There’s this new fad of using bigger tyres, it might seem cool to jump on the trendy side, but is it good for your car? Car and tyre experts think differently about this. Firstly, is that bigger tyres makes your car heavier, therefore there’s more load for your car to carry, so this affects fuel economy. Bigger tyres also affect performances such as grip and acceleration.  So don’t be tempted, use the right tyre size for your car. You’ll always find this information on the driver door or it will be present in the car manual.

Consider The Roads That You Drive On

This is also a very important factor to consider. If your route is full of pot holes, or is a gravel road, or generally just bad, then you might want to consider getting all terrain tyres.  They last longer and they also give more control in such areas.

For those who drive on city roads with high traffic, you need tyres with excellent braking. Therefore you should consider buying responsive tyres as you’ll need to brake more often across shorter distances.

If you drive long distances along the highways or interstate, then long wearing tyres would be great in this regard.


The weather in the UAE is not temperate; therefore All-season tyres might not be a very good choice of tyres for you. Summer tyres will work well during the hot summer months in Dubai. Not only are they built to withstand the intense heat experienced there, summer tyre are faster, with smaller threads,  than winter tyres, but then they do better than all season tyres in the summer.

Drive Style

Apart from size which the type of your car determines, there are certain features you can use to customize your tyres depending on your personal style.  There are various tyre designs, some look rugged, other sporty and some even retro, so depending on your personal style you can also make a choice. Of course these tyres all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Try to find these out, then make a decision on the kind of tyres that you need before visiting tyres shop in Dubai.   Well if are still bumped about a choice of tyres, then you should consider BF Goodrich Tyres.  You’ll always find BF Goodrich tyres for sale at, and also in other onsite stores.