Why VIN is So Important for Vehicle?

The chassis number or VIN code (from the English Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique alphanumeric code corresponding to a single vehicle, not only cars but also motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and trailers.

The obligation of the VIN code is mandatory in most countries, which clearly specifies that in addition to the fixed plate, each car must have an identification code.The law also states that the vehicle identification number must not be altered or counterfeited in any way.

  1. What is the chassis number for?

The chassis number is mainly checked by the police during road checks. By comparing this code with the plate, it is, in fact, possible to trace the model and brand and, above all, verify any illegal counterfeiting or tampering.

Knowing how to locate and read the data reported in the identification number correctly, however, is also important for private citizens who want to buy a used car. Only in this way will it be possible to avoid the risk of having to deal with cars stolen, recycled, or illegally imported from foreign countries.

Remember that if you buy a car of this type, you, as the owner of the vehicle, will suffer the consequences in legal terms. If you are a bit sceptical about the deal you are about to conclude, buying a used car, but also at zero km or half-yearly, checking the identification code is essential to know if it is a scam or not.

To give an example: knowing the vehicle identification number and the license plate number, you will be able to check if the car has original parts or not through the dedicated online service on https://checkcar4free.com/

  1. Where can find the chassis number of a vehicle?

If you want to know that where this Vehicle identification number is in your car, know that unlike what happens with the license plate, it is not so immediate to find the identification code of a car.

The simplest way is to check the vehicle registration certificate, if available. If the retailer does not have this document or does not want to show it, it may already be an indication of an unclear deal.

It is possible to find the chassis number in the booklet under the initials “E”

Your vehicle title can also be a great resource. It will be necessary to check the item “Frame.”

In addition to the solution of the code on the booklet, it must be said that there are also some physical components of the vehicle on which the identification code is conventionally affixed.

  • on the driver’s side
  • in the part that divides the doors, always on the right side
  • between dashboard and windshield
  • on the engine

Always rely on the booklet for the identification number. In other cases, in fact, it is easy for counterfeiting phenomena to occur for which the original code has been canceled and replaced.