How Important is it to Get Your Car Engine Oil Changed in Time? 

Using a car, especially the one that you own, will always be a pleasurable experience, and do we need to say, that we never want to lose this peace of mind, when it comes to our most useful asset? But that is something that depends on how seriously one takes the matter of maintenance of one’s car, and how sincerely one carries out all the maintenance regulations. In all this, one example can really make things easier to understand. It is the simple act of following the instructions that your car manual prescribes. In it you will find all the dates and schedules regarding when you need to get your car serviced, and also the kind of service you need to avail. Among them, the oil change schedule takes a prominent place, since it makes a lot of difference, when you change the engine oil in time, and when you don’t, explained the head of the Prescott oil change department.

He further explained the entire process through which the engine oil works through a smoother run of the vehicle, while returning the claimed mileage by the manufacturer. All we understood from his explanation was that, a car performance does face a jolt, when the engine oil is not changed, when due. If you are curious to know more about it, here it all goes.

Importance of the Engine Oil in Car Performance

Engine oil, which is often known as motor oil, is a lubricant that flows through the different metallic parts and gears of the engine, to help them run smooth. It is not to be confused with the fuel, and must be flushed, refilled and changed, as and when the car crosses each milestone of drive distance, time or when it undergoes certain conditions.

The car engine that is composed of several fast moving metal parts are intertwined with each other to make the car move. The engine oil that flows through them, creates a wall of separation to make sure none of them brush against each other and get trapped into a friction that can cause the engine compartment heat up. But after crossing certain distance of drives, a car gathers dust and debris that passes through the oil filter and contaminate the engine oil tank. It happens, especially because after a certain period of time, the oil filter gets torn up and thus ineffective. It fails to hold back the dust and debris in it, and the engine oil starts losing its purity and viscosity, because of which it cannot flow smoothly through the engine parts. The entire engine compartment gets clogged up because of this. As mentioned earlier, this heats up the engine chamber, and causes serious damage to the car engine.

As a result, the engine has to work much harder to make the car run, and thus it starts acting weird, while consuming more fuel for every task you assign to it. The accelerations are no longer smooth, while the roll of the car too gets affected and jumpy.

In such condition, only an immediate oil change can change the scenario and bring back the original performing capability in a car, suggested the mechanical team who offer oil change service in Prescott.