9 Hacks To Remove The Smell Of Cigarette In Your Car

To start things off, here’s an interesting trivia that may be useful for both cigarette smokers and car owners: cigarettes contain explosives and industrial cleanser ingredients, three very poisonous chemicals, which are hydrogen cyanide, lead, and arsenic, formaldehyde, which is an embalming agent, and two major air pollutants, which are carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

With that in mind, car owners should be aware of the importance of third-hand smoking, the kind of smoking where cigarette odors cling to things, including that of your Mercedes interior parts. Nevertheless, if you find yourself smelling the nasty cigarette odor inside your car, there is still hope. Here are the top nine hacks to remove them and keep your car smelling fresh.

  1. Air it out

One of the easiest ways to remove that awful smell from cigarettes is to air it out. Get rid of the smoke by rolling down your car windows in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Vacuum your car’s interior

You can also remove the floor mats and seat covers before vacuuming your car’s interior. This can speed up the process of airing out the unpleasant odor from cigarette smoking.

  1. Wash all of your car’s surfaces

This is a pretty obvious tip when you’re trying to remove cigarette odors from your car. The key here is to use the perfect solution or cleaner that will effectively eliminate unwanted residue.

  1. Use vinegar

Vinegar is considered as one of the most utilized condiments in your kitchen. Aside from complementing your salad with vinegar, you can use it to kill weeds, tone your skin, and get rid of cigarette stains and smell.

  1. Use charcoal

Another hack in removing the awful lingering smell of cigarette in your Mercedes interior parts is the use of charcoal. Now, charcoal is a versatile ingredient that can be used on just about anything, including the process of removing cigarette stains.

  1. Use baking soda

As part of the long list of condiments that can be used to remove cigarette stains, do not forget that baking soda can be used to get rid of cigarette odors in your car. This is best used if you cannot pinpoint the exact location of the smell.

  1. Use coffee grounds

Who knew that you can utilize coffee grounds to replace the smell of cigarettes inside your car. Much like cigarette odor, the scent of coffee grounds is also very dominant. Put some in a cup and place it into the holder during the night.

  1. Use citrus fruits

Some of the best car scents for your Mercedes interior parts are those that involve citrus fruits. Try utilizing citrus peels as a means to replace the smoke odor with something much sweeter and more tolerable.

  1. Other drastic measures

If you’re still not satisfied with the hacks mentioned above, you can perform drastic measures by replacing some of your car’s interior parts.

When replacing your car’s interior parts, pay attention to your upholstery, carpets, headliner, and other roof materials as these are the areas typically contaminated with smoke odor.

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