Is It Safe to Drive a Rental Car?

It is always a matter of controversy, whether the car you are renting is been repaired or sent for necessary servicing after the previous renting. Often, the customers take it to themselves for the trouble of figuring out the problems at their risks and expenses. The best way to check with the routine repair and maintenance of the car you are renting is to get into the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The website incorporates a search facility where you can check if the vehicle you are renting has undergone repair and maintenance services formally year-wise. You can also check with the types of repair it has undergone and how serious or milder it was. Ask for the appropriate explanation of the condition of the car you are about to take on rent. If you find the answer is not reliable and suspicious, ask for a different car which is better in comparison to the former. If you want to take a reliable and best car for your rental, contact Location Decarie for the purpose.

The check factor for repair and maintenance for adequate safety is important based on a US case of an accident resulting in the death of sisters Raechel and Jacquie Houck in 2004. They rented a Chrysler PT Cruiser from Enterprise which was recalled for the possibility of an engine fire, and eventually met with an accident after bursting into flames. Both of them instantly died and their family sued the company. Ultimately, the car renting company admitted 100% liability of the accident. However, the rental companies have gone through a significant change and spectacular improvement in their routine check-up of repair and maintenance of the vehicles and one of the examples of this is the massive recall of Toyota in 2010.

As pe data of Auto Rental News, there are more than 1.76 million cars owned by the US car industry engaged in the service generating an annual revenue of around 22.4 billion dollars in 2011. This gigantic size of the industry along with the involvement of enormous amount of money should eventually result in appropriate repair and maintenance of the cars engaged for renting.

The safety of the rental car is in the process of legislation in the US which is in the opinion of recalling the entire cars in the service for necessary repair and service. However, looking for the safety of the rental car is also the responsibility of the customers. Before taking car rental, you need to very carefully examine the security measures of the vehicle which is primary and essential.